IV Initiation


Steven, an LPN, works on an acute medical unit caring for Mr. Janson who is recovering from pneumonia. Mr. Janson’s saline lock is due to be changed. Steven has successfully completed additional education through his employer to start peripheral IVs.

What's next?

  • Steven follows CLPNBC’s Standards for Acting with an Order and employer policy for discontinuing and initiating IVs
  • Steven removes the IV and assesses the site for any complications
  • Steven applies a new sterile dressing on the old IV site
  • Steven initiates the new IV for Mr. Janson using a short peripheral device
  • Steven documents his assessment of the old IV site and the care he provides in Mr. Janson’s chart
  • Steven continues to carefully observe both the old and new IV sites for any signs of an adverse reaction/complications
  • Steven collaborates with the health care team as needed

What is entry level practice?

The Practical Nursing Program Provincial Curriculum addresses the theory of starting IVs. Some practical nursing students may have access to clinical opportunities to start IVs.

Which CLPNBC limits and conditions apply?

LPNs start IVs:
  1. After successfully completing additional education
  2. Using a short peripheral device

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