Intravenous Therapy

Joe is an LPN caring for Mr. Fenwick who is four days post-operative and is vomiting and dehydrated. Mr. Fenwick has KCL infusing through a peripheral intravenous (IV) line. Joe has successfully completed additional education through his employer to change IV bags containing KCL that have been premixed commercially or by a pharmacy.

What's next?

  • Joe follows CLPNBCs Standards for Acting with an Order and employer policy
  • Joe monitors the IV infusion and assesses the IV insertion site for any signs of swelling or redness
  • Joe collaborates with the RN as needed
  • Joe documents his nursing actions in Mr. Fenwick’s chart

What is Entry-Level LPN Practice?

 Entry-level practical nursing programs include:

  • supporting a client with an IV
  • monitoring intravenous infusions
  • changing IV bags
  • the care and maintenance of saline and heparin locks 

Which CLPNBC Limits and Conditions apply?

LPNs change IV bags containing potassium chloride (KCL) infusing via peripheral access (not central or midline):
  1. After successfully completing additional education
  2. When the IV bag has been premixed commercially or by a pharmacy

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