PN Education Program Review Templates

The following templates are to be used when programs are submitting reports to the Standards of Education Committee (SEC) as part of the review process for recognition.

As you begin your review, refer to CLPNBC’s Practical Nursing Education Program Review Policies and Guidelines.

CLPNBC staff are available to assist programs through the program review process. Contact CLPNBC's Policy & Practice Assistant if you have questions.

Interim Report

The SEC may require a program to submit an interim report. An interim report allows a program to provide evidence of progress in meeting specific indicators of the Practical Nursing Education Standards that SEC assessed as partially met or not met. If an interim report is required, it is described in the recognition letter as a condition of recognition.

Use the Interim Report Template (new April 2018) for your submission.

Notice of Intent

There are two types of notices of intent (NOI) in the program review process.

  1. Institutions that are looking to offer a new PN Program are required to submit an NOI to demonstrate their intention to implement the Practical Nursing Program Provincial Curriculum. Part of this submission includes evidence to demonstrate that sufficient nursing practice placements are available.

    Use the Notice of Intent for New Programs template for your submission.
  2. Recognized PN Programs that are considering changes to their program (ex. location move, modification of curriculum, an increase in student intake) should review the Policies on substantial changes to determine if they need to submit an NOI.  If you have questions about the whether the changes you are proposing constitute a substantial change to your program, contact CLPNBC's Policy & Practice Assistant to discuss.

    Use the Notice of Intent for Substantially Changed Programs template for your submission.

Self-Evaluation Report

PN Programs undergoing the review process complete a self-evaluation report template which includes nursing standards and the corresponding indicators, as well as a format for their action plan.

Use the CLPNBC self-evaluation report template (updated April 2018) for your submission.

Site Visit Agenda

As part of the recognition process, following SEC’s review of the self-evaluation report, a site visit takes place at each campus being reviewed.

The program is responsible for drafting the agenda for the site visit and engaging with the site visitor team leader to finalize the site visit plans. The program is responsible for ensuring all stakeholders are available for consultation within the scheduled time frame of the site visit.

Use the Site Visit Agenda template.

Supplementary Evidence

Supplementary evidence is information requested by the SEC when sufficient evidence was not provided by the program. Use the Supplementary Evidence template (new April 2018) for your submission.

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