Practising without Current Registration is Unauthorized Practice

To work as an LPN in BC, an individual must hold current practising registration with CLPNBC.

Only current registrants can use the following titles:

  • nurse
  • LPN
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • PN
  • Practical Nurse

Unauthorized Practice

LPNs who fail to renew their annual registration are not registrants of CLPNBC. Unregistered, retired or non-practising individuals cannot call themselves an LPN. They cannot practise as an LPN in clinical practice, education, administration or research. Individuals who continue to practise without current practising registration are in breach of the Health Professions Act and may be subject to prosecution under the Offense Act or to an application in Supreme Court for an injunction against them.

Please advise CLPNBC of the unauthorized practice of any person by:

  • Mail: Suite 260-3480 Gilmore Way, Burnaby, BC V5G 4Y1
  • Telephone: 778.373.3101 or 1.877.373.2201
  • Email

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