Nursing Practice Hours

CLPNBC has introduced a nursing practice hours requirement for LPNs.

Beginning in January 2014, all practising LPNs need to track the hours they are working as an LPN.

What hours can you track?

You can count hours worked as an LPN in:

  • paid employment
  • self-employment
  • volunteer work
  • committee work
  • a nursing regulatory college/union/association
  • an educator role
  • a managerial role

You cannot count hours worked in a non-LPN role, for example:

  • care aide
  • housekeeper
  • dietary aide
  • EMT

To renew your practising registration, CLPNBC will require you to work 1,125 hours within the last five years.

At renewal every year, you will report the LPN hours you worked during the year. To retain your practising licence you will have to work 1,125 LPN hours within the five year period preceding registration renewal.

This minimum number of hours is one indicator of your competence to practice. CLPNBC is developing a Quality Assurance Program which will also support your continuing competence.


View the Frequently Asked Questions on Practice Hours.

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