Amendments to CLPNBC's Fee Schedule

Collecting fees allows CLPNBC to carry out the functions and responsibilities of a regulatory college. The costs associated with running CLPNBC are available in each annual report. 

As outlined in the Health Professions Act, CLPNBC is required to run a variety of programs. Fees paid by registrants are used for these programs, which are designed to protect the public and act in the public interest. 

Over the last three years, CLPNBC has had a funding gap of between $14.74 and $31.72 in the fees it collects from each registrant. The current fees are no longer enough to cover the costs of regulating LPNs, which has caused CLPNBC to increase its fees.

Even with the fee increase, CLPNBC fees will continue to be comparable to fees of other LPN regulators in Canada. Our fees are similar or less than fees paid by many other BC health professions. 

Fee changes effective November 1, 2017

Fee type

Previous fee

New fee

Practising registration $300 $350
Limited registration $300 $350
Interim registration $75 $100
Practising without registration repeat offence $200 $400
Verification of registration or copy request $50
(current and former registrants)
$50 (current registrant)
$100 (former registrant)
Repeat Jurisprudence exam attempts $50 (second attempt)
$100 (third attempt)
$75 (repeat attempt)