Criminal Record Check

Last year you contacted the Ministry of Justice to complete your criminal record check. Working with both the Ministry of Justice and CLPNBC caused delays in processing your registration or renewal. Good news – we have recently made the process simpler.

For renewing registrants – If your last criminal record check for CLPNBC is more than five years old, your online renewal application will include a section where you must provide consent for a criminal record check. The $28 fee will be included in your total amount to pay for annual renewal. (Criminal record checks are no longer based on your last name).

For new applicants or reinstating registrants – the online application form includes the required Criminal Record Consent (CRC). The $28 fee for the CRC will be included in your total amount to pay for your application. If you are a new applicant or reinstating registrant who completed a criminal record check through the Criminal Record Review Program for a BC employer within the last six months, please email the registration team for information about sharing your results.

CLPNBC does not accept:

  • Criminal Record Checks you completed through the RCMP because these checks do not look at all of the same records as the Criminal Records Review Program
  • Criminal Record Checks you completed more than six months ago

For information about sharing criminal record check results completed through CLPNBC please email the registration team.

Criminal Record Review Act (CRRA)

Under the CRRA, individuals working with children or vulnerable adults, and individuals who have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults, must consent to a Criminal Record Check for their employer or authorized organization.

The Act helps protect:

  • children from individuals whose criminal record indicates they pose a risk of physical or sexual abuse
  • vulnerable adults from individuals whose record indicates they pose a risk of physical, sexual or financial abuse

The law requires regulatory Colleges to complete a criminal record check for all registrants every five years.

There may be circumstances where CLPNBC requires individual registrants to consent to a criminal record review before their five year check requirement. CLPNBC contacts these registrants by email.

Click here for more information on the CRRA.


If you have any questions regarding the Criminal Record Check, please email registration team or call 778-373-3101,