Roles in the PCR Process


The person who submits a complaint to CLPNBC is the complainant. As the complainant, you will be asked to provide the details of the complaint. If you have access to pertinent evidence related to the complaint, we will request this information and any other relevant evidence. We will ask you for names and contact information for any witnesses that should be interviewed during the course of the investigation. The Inquiry & Discipline team will maintain contact with you during the PCR process. In addition, you will be provided with the Registrar/Inquiry Committee’s decision and the reasons for the action taken to resolve the matter. 

Inquiry Committee

The Inquiry Committee’s role is to conduct a thorough and adequate investigation of the complaint, attempt to appropriately resolve the complaint in the public interest, or refer the complaint to the Discipline Committee for a hearing. The Inquiry Committee has seven members. Four of the members are LPNs and three are public representatives (who do not have a health care background). The Chair of the Inquiry Committee is a member of CLPNBC’s Board. 


The Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Inquiry & Discipline Consultants are authorized inspectors. CLPNBC also has external inspectors that the Inquiry Committee can appoint to investigate a complaint. The Inquiry Committee only appoints an external inspector if the number of complaints CLPNBC is managing may delay investigation, or when there is a conflict of interest with authorized CLPNBC inspectors. 


The registrant named in the complaint is the respondent. In keeping with the principles of administrative fairness, CLPNBC provides you with notice that we have received a complaint and the name of the complainant. We provide you with enough details of the complaint to ensure you are able to provide an informed response. 

In addition, during the PCR process, you have the right to representation by a union representative or legal counsel at your own cost. We ask you to provide a response in writing and will ask you to attend an interview with an inspector.


As a witness, the inspector investigating the complaint may interview you to gather information related to the incident(s) you witnessed. Every witness has the opportunity to ask questions and clarify information during the interview. The information you provide will be provided to the registrant and the Inquiry Committee. Witnesses are an important part of the investigation process and if the complaint is escalated to the Discipline Committee, you may be called to testify.