When a complaint or report involves a serious matter or the Registrar determines in her assessment that the complaint requires investigation, the Inquiry & Discipline team, by delegation of the Registrar, delivers the complaint and Registrar’s assessment report to the Inquiry Committee as soon as possible.

After reviewing the assessment report and complaint, the Inquiry Committee appoints an Inspector to investigate the concerns identified in the complaint. 

A complaint is more likely to require investigation if:

  • The alleged misconduct or incompetence may put the public at risk of harm
  • The registrant has no insight into the seriousness of the matter
  • The registrant has no accountability for his or her actions
  • The registrant is not willing to improve his or her practice
  • The registrant's ability to practice safely is impaired 

An investigation includes:

  • Collection and examination of documentation, including:
    • patient records 
    • incident reports
    • shift schedules
    • video or photographic evidence
    • pharmacy audits
    • facility policies/procedures
    • job descriptions
    • employer meeting notes
    • correspondence in the registrant’s employment file
    • any other information relevant to the matter
  • Expert opinion(s) from independent and specialized medical professionals
  • Interviews with the complainant and witnesses
  • Registrant interview and response (in health-related cases we wait until the LPN has received treatment for their health condition and is in a better position to provide a response)

Once the investigation is complete, the Inspector delivers an Investigative Report to the Inquiry Committee, which includes:

  • The details of the complaint
  • Documentation collected during the investigation, including any expert opinion(s)
  • Information witnesses provided during interviews
  • Registrant response and any additional information the registrant submitted for the Inquiry Committee to consider