When the Inquiry Committee determines that the conduct or competence concerns investigated are beyond its authority to manage, it requests the Registrar issue a citation for a discipline hearing. A citation includes a list of all allegations to be considered during the hearing. Typically, the concerns going forward to a discipline hearing are serious matters that warrant public protection and a more punitive response. 

In this stage, the Discipline Committee holds a hearing much like a court setting, in which the complainant, witnesses and registrant are called to testify regarding the allegations identified in the citation. CLPNBC’s legal counsel and the registrant’s legal representative will question all participants expected to testify and present both sides of the complaint. 

Hearings of the Discipline Committee are open to the public, unless the Committee determines it is appropriate to hold part or all of the hearing in private. 

After concluding the hearing, the Discipline Committee may do one or more of the following:

  • Reprimand the registrant
  • Impose limits or conditions on the registrant’s practice
  • Suspend the registrant’s registration
  • Impose limits or conditions on the management of the suspension
  • Cancel the registrant’s registration
  • Fine the registrant