Inquiry Committee Decisions

When the LPN under investigation admits to one or more of the allegations of professional misconduct, or incompetence, the Inquiry Committee may request that the LPN:

  • take specific educational courses
  • not repeat the conduct
  • consent to a reprimand AND/OR
  • any other action specified by the Committee 

The majority of complaints are resolved through this consensual process. Summaries of these agreements must be made available on our website if the Inquiry Committee imposes limits or conditions on the LPN's practice. The summaries must include:

  • the Registrant’s name & CLPNBC registration number
  • a summary of the allegation(s)
  • a description of the terms of the agreement
  • the limits or conditions on practice

Summaries of Consensual Agreements:

2018 (updated June 2018)

2017 (updated May 2018)

2016 (updated Mar 2018)

2015 (updated Feb 2018)




Professional conduct decisions prior to 2012 can be found in the CLPNBC newsletter. View past issues of the newsletter here.