Concerns about an LPN

Members of the Public

If you, a friend, or a member of your family have recently been negatively affected by the conduct and/or competence of an LPN, please contact the Inquiry & Discipline team for guidance and support in submitting a formal complaint.


If you believe that the continued practice of an LPN might constitute a danger to the public, you must submit a written report to CLPNBC if the registrant has:

  • been terminated
  • had employment revoked, suspended, or restrictions imposed
  • had partnership dissolved based on a belief that the Registrant may constitute a danger to the public
  • resigned prior to any action having been taken by the employer

If you have concerns about an LPN whose practice may be impaired by a physical or mental condition, or substance use disorder and that their continued practice might constitute a danger to the public, refer to the Health Program to find out more about your duty to report in these circumstances.

If you are just becoming aware of concerns with one of your employed LPNs, please contact CLPNBC’s Inquiry & Discipline team  to discuss the concerns confidentially. We will provide you with guidance on dealing with issues as they come up and ensure you are prepared when the time comes to formally report an LPN’s practice to CLPNBC.

Medical Practitioners

Medical practitioners must submit a written report to CLPNBC when a registrant is:

  • admitted to a hospital for psychiatric care or treatment
  • undergoing treatment for addiction to alcohol or drugs, and as a result, is unfit to practise

Your report should include:

  • the diagnosis
  • particulars of treatment
  • prognosis and an opinion as to whether the LPN is fit to continue practising

Health Professionals

If you are a registered member of any of the 22 health regulatory colleges, you have a duty to report any conduct, competence or fitness to practise concerns about an LPN if you believe the LPN's continued practice might constitute a danger to the public.

We recommend that you first approach the LPN to discuss your concerns. If this is not possible, you should advise the LPN’s supervisor. Keep a record of the actions you took to address the concerns as you will be asked in detail if you reach the point of submitting a formal complaint to CLPNBC.

If you are unsure if you should advise CLPNBC of your concerns, contact the Inquiry & Discipline team.

Contact CLPNBC's Inquiry & Discipline team


Contact CLPNBC's Fitness to Practice Advisor to report LPN health concerns