Scope of Practice: Standards, Limits and Conditions

CLPNBC formally introduced the Scope of Practice for Licensed Practical Nurses at its 2013 conference, 21st Century LPN.  The Scope of Practice is part of a framework that outlines how LPN practice is regulated in British Columbia.  It includes three core elements:

The Scope of Practice also discusses other controls on LPN practice, such as individual nurse competence and employer based supports for safe practice.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Standards, Limits and Conditions

  • The CLPNBC Board of Directors has approved the standards, limits and conditions
  • Implementation of the standards, limits and conditions will be gradual
  • The CLPNBC will work closely over the next few months with employers, LPNs and others in health care delivery about how to apply the limits and conditions in the workplace
  • Practice will not change until employers have appropriate policies in place
  • Regular email and website updates will keep LPNs informed about implementation, including how the limits and conditions may affect their practice
  • Government has not yet approved a revised Regulation for LPNs.  As a result, LPN Practice must remain consistent with the current Nurses (Licensed Practical) Regulation. 

CLPNBC thanks and acknowledges the hundreds of LPNs and other stakeholders who provided input to the development of the Scope of Practice through province-wide meetings and consultations held by CLPNBC over the past two years. 


Download the Scope of Practice for Licensed Practical Nurses

View the Health Professions Act
View the current Nurses (Licensed Practical) Regulation

For More Information

The CLPNBC Policy and Practice team is available to answer questions from LPNs, managers and employers about the Scope of Practice, including how to deal with specific situations in the workplace.  Please contact them by

  • email at
  • phone at 778.373.3101, ext. 4501
  • toll-free phone from anywhere in BC at 1.877.373.2201, ext. 4501


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