Scope of Practice: Standards, Limits and Conditions

In December 2015, the BC government signed into law the long awaited Nurses (Licensed Practical) Regulation. CLPNBC is now collaborating and consulting with LPNs, employers and other stakeholders to develop standards, limits and conditions to complement the regulation.

CLPNBC’s Scope of Practice is based on the regulation and sets out the activities that LPNs are educated and authorized to perform if employer policy permits it, and if the LPN has the competence.

What you need to know

  • The current standards, limits and conditions in CLPNBC's Scope of Practice remain in place until June 2016
  • Practice will not change until employers have appropriate policies in place
  • Implementation of new standards, limits and conditions will be gradual
  • CLPNBC will work closely with LPNs, employers and others about how to apply the limits and conditions in the workplace
  • We will keep everyone informed about implementation, including how the limits and conditions may affect practice
  • You can stay up-to-date by reading LPN Connect and checking our website