Changing a Chest Tube Dressing

Kate, an LPN, works on a post-surgical unit. She has been assigned to change Mrs. Rogers’ chest tube dressing. Kate has successfully completed additional education to change chest tube dressings.

What’s next?

  • Kate assesses Mrs. Rogers and determines she is stable and predictable 
  • Kate understands CLPNBC’s Standards for Acting without an Order and follows her employer’s Decision Support Tools for changing chest tube dressings
  • Kate documents her assessment, the dressing change and Mrs. Rogers’ responses during and after the dressing change
  • Kate continues to monitor Mrs. Rogers and seeks assistance if Mrs. Rogers’ condition changes

What is Entry-Level Practice?

Entry-level practical nursing education programs teach the management of chest tubes.

Which CLPNBC Limits and Conditions Apply?

LPNs change chest tube dressings:

  1. For clients with stable and predictable states of health
  2. After successfully completing additional education
  3. By following decision support tools
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