LPN Connect Newsletter

— June 2018 | Vol. 5 Issue #6 —

New Health Program

CLPNBC has a new Health Program for managing public safety risks resulting from impaired LPN practice. LPNs are encouraged to report to CLPNBC when they identify that their health condition is impairing their ability to provide safe and competent care.

Employers and other health professionals must report to CLPNBC when they suspect that an LPN’s ability to practise safely is compromised by a substance use disorder, a physical condition or a mental health condition.

PCR Case Study: Deception/Fraud

Dishonesty can take many forms and is not limited to your professional practice. Did you know that what you do outside of work also reflects on the LPN profession? This month our Conduct Case Study highlights how fraud can be considered “conduct unbecoming” a member of the nursing profession.

**Conduct case studies are fictional and are intended only to demonstrate the potential for dishonest behaviour in nursing.**

Dr. Smith found out that Pieter, an LPN, was forging Dr. Smith’s signature on massage therapy referrals and reported Pieter to CLPNBC. Pieter was using the massage therapy referrals to schedule appointments for himself, and submitting the receipts to his benefits provider for reimbursement. Pieter plays hockey with Dr. Smith and because they are friends, he thought that Dr. Smith would not mind. While this behaviour is not directly related to Pieter’s LPN practice or care for his patients, forgery is dishonest, unethical and degrades the public’s trust in the LPN profession.

So, what happened to Pieter?

Jurisprudence update

Congratulations to the 2,939 LPNs in the 2018 cohort who have successfully completed the Jurisprudence exam! These registrants have met their Quality Assurance requirement to renew their registration for next year.

The current significant gap rate for the first exam is 9.2%. The deadline for first exam completion is July 3.

Duty to report impaired practice 

In accordance with the British Columbia Health Professions Act, LPNs must report in writing to CLPNBC if they believe, on reasonable and probable grounds, that there is a concern that an LPN may be suffering from a physical or mental health condition, or substance use disorder, which impairs their ability to provide safe, competent and ethical care to the public. If you have concerns about yourself, or a colleague, contact the Fitness to Practice Advisor and review the CLPNBC Duty to Report Practice Standard.

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