August 2013



August 2013 Issue #2

Nursing Practice Hours

CLPNBC is introducing a nursing practice hours requirement for LPNs. Beginning in January 2014, all practising LPNs need to track the hours they are working as an LPN.

Find out how nursing practice hours can change your practice for 2014.

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Fly to Ottawa for Free!

Volunteer Opportunity!

Criminal Record Check F-J

CLPNBC  is looking for an LPN who is an educator or in clinical practice to be the BC representative for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination. 

The three-day meeting is sponsored by Assessment Strategies Inc. (ASI) who will also pay for the travel expenses of the successful candidate.

This year, CLPNBC requires a re-check authorization and payment from registrants whose surnames begin with the letters “F” through “J”.

Fill out the consent and payment forms and submit them to CLPNBC before September 6, 2013. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Wound Care Scenario

FAQs on Practice Hours

Did You Know?

Do you have any questions about your practice hours? See what other LPNs are asking the College!

Someone seeks your help to irrigate their ears. Is this activity something that you can do or do you need additional preparation?

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