— January 2018 | Vol. 5 Issue #1 —

Employers – did your LPNs renew their registration?

Practising without current registration is a serious offence. All registrants who have not renewed are no longer authorized to practise or covered by liability insurance. Those wishing to return to practice will be required to pay a $200 reinstatement application fee in addition to the $350 registration fee.

You can confirm all your LPNs are registered by checking CLPNBC’s Public Registry. Should a former registrant go to work without registration, the individual will be charged a first-offence fee of $200 or $400 for a repeat offence. An investigation may also be required.

What LPNs need to know about immunizing during the meningococcal outbreak

At the request of the Interior Health Authority in response to the current meningococcal outbreak, the CLPNBC Board has temporarily modified the CLPNBC Scope of Practice Standards Limits and Conditions on LPNs administering immunizations.

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Information for LPNs about edaravone

CLPNBC has received enquiries about whether LPNs are permitted to administer a drug called edaravone, which is used to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).


Congratulations to the more than 3,900 LPNs who completed Jurisprudence in 2017!


It is January 1 and the deadline to renew your LPN registration has passed. You are in the middle of your shift when your manager informs you that you are no longer on CLPNBC’s public registry. What is your professional responsibility?

  1. Transfer the care of your residents then leave the floor until your application for reinstatement has been processed
  2. Finish your shift, then contact CLPNBC to reinstate your practising registration
  3. Tell your manager that you will reinstate your practising registration on your next break
  4. Reinstate your LPN registration as non-practising until you can afford a practising registration

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