— June 2017 | Vol. 4 Issue #6 —

Annual General Meeting

CLPNBC’s annual general meeting is on Friday, June 16, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. CLPNBC registrants and the public are invited to attend at no charge! If you are interested in attending, pre-register before June 12.

Do you know what happens at the AGM?

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Check out our resources!

CLPNBC Policy & Practice staff have been actively participating in a number of activities organized by health authorities and other organizations to disseminate the Standards of Practice Framework.

We regularly provide presentations for practical nursing students in all of the CLPNBC-recognized Practical Nurse Programs in BC throughout the course of their education.

Interested in learning more about the Standards of Practice? Contact a Nursing Practice Advisor and ask for a presentation at your workplace.

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Jurisprudence 2017 update

Almost 10% of registrants scheduled to participate in Jurisprudence this year have completed the exam. What are LPNs saying about their experience?

“Don’t do the exam while you’re at work. Take your time and do it on your time off.”

“Read through all options and select the best answer, not just the first one that sounds good.”

“The Jurisprudence exam is open-book. Use all of the resources and links included in the exam.”

“Review all of the material provided. You might think you know it already, but you need to review it again to be successful!”

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Did You Know?
Applying Restraints

Ally, an LPN, works on a Special Care Unit in a residential care facility. Mr. Bean, an 86 year old resident diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, mobilizes using a wheelchair. Recently, Mr. Bean has had numerous falls when attempting to get up on his own. Ally has tried to protect Mr. Bean from falling by using careful observation; however, she has not been successful in keeping him safe.

what will Ally do next?

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