— July 2017 | Vol. 4 Issue #7 —

Over 100 people have practised without registration this year!

Working or volunteering as an LPN without practising registration is a serious offence.
What you need to know:

  • Check the Public Registry for up-to-date information about your registration status.
  • Practising registration is valid for the calendar year, not for one year from when you renewed or reinstated.
  • When you are not registered, you do not have liability insurance. This means you are putting yourself, your patients and your employer at risk.
  • Maintaining your registration is one of the Professional Standards.

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Jurisprudence exam update – by the numbers

1  the date in April when Jurisprudence for 2017 began
4167  the number of LPNs in this year's cohort
547  the number of LPNs who have completed a first exam
15  the percentage of LPNs who have a significant gap after their first exam
53  the number of LPNs who have completed a second exam
the number of LPNs who have completed a third exam
513  the number of LPNs who have completed an exam with no significant gaps
12.3  the percentage of this cohort who have successfully completed Jurisprudence
97  the highest score
31  the deadline in October to complete a Jurisprudence exam in order to be eligible to renew your 2018 practising registration

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Opportunities for LPNs

The Registration, Quality Assurance, Inquiry and Standards of Education Committees are looking for LPNs. Find out more about what these committees do, and if they would be a good fit for you.

Committee members are reimbursed for out of pocket expenses and provided an honorarium for their time.

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Did You Know?
Changing a chest tube dressing

Kate, an LPN, works on a post-surgical unit. She has been assigned to change Mrs. Rogers’ chest tube dressing. Kate has successfully completed additional education to change chest tube dressings.

what will Kate do next?

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