— November 2016 | Vol. 3 Issue #11 —

Registration renewal for 2017 is now open

Cross renewal off your to-do list early this year! Completed applications received before November 30 are given priority status. Click here to apply.

Remember, even if you participate in pre-authorized payments, you need to complete the annual renewal application each year.

Check the Public Registry to confirm your practising status before you work as an LPN in 2017.

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Forgot your password?

Learn how to avoid this problem by using Mobile Sign-in and you’ll never have to remember your password again.

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Your LPN expertise is needed!

Review the draft Dispensing Practice Standard by November 15, 2016 and tell us what YOU think by participating in a brief survey. Your feedback will help shape this practice standard before it becomes a requirement for LPNs.

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Jurisprudence update:

2,927 have completed the Jurisprudence exam with a 93% success rate.

As of October 31, 341 LPNs have not completed the Jurisprudence exam. They have been notified that, according to Board policy, they are not eligible to renew their registration for 2017.

What did LPNs tell us about Jurisprudence?

  • “Some of the questions are tricky – often there are two similar answers”
  • “Crucially important for eligibility to practise”
  • “Protects us as professionals and protects the public”

We will evaluate this project and make enhancements to start again in 2017 when another 3500 LPNs are scheduled to participate.

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