— December 2016 | Vol. 3 Issue #12 —

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Complete your renewal now

So far, 34% of registrants have completed their online renewal application. Although renewal closes on December 31, there are only 18 working days left for CLPNBC staff to assess your application and provide assistance. Complete your application as soon as possible to avoid additional fees and be authorized to practise in 2017!

Remember, even if you participate in pre-authorized payments, you must also complete the annual renewal application each year.

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Staying safe during the holiday season

Nurses in recovery from substance use disorders can be at a higher risk of relapse this time of year. Learn how you can help keep yourself and your colleagues safe during the holiday season.

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Substance use disorder in nursing - free resources

Did you know that you can access free educational resources about substance use disorders, including online courses, videos and journal articles?

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A doctor’s office has hired you to provide immunizations. Your client, Mrs. Jones, is planning to travel and has requested a Twinrix vaccine. You have successfully completed BC Centre for Disease Control's Immunization Competency Course. You have a doctor’s order and the competencies to safely administer this vaccine. Can you provide this travel vaccine?

  1. Yes, LPNs can administer travel vaccines if an MD is immediately available.

  2. No, LPNs do not administer travel vaccines.

  3. Yes, LPNs can administer travel vaccines with an order from an authorized health professional.

  4. No, only RNs can administer travel vaccines.

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