October 2015 Vol. 2 Issue #10
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time for renewal - tic toc tic toc

Annual registration renewal opens November 1. The renewal application takes less than 15 minutes. Here are a few things you need to complete your renewal:

  1. mailing address of each of your employers
  2. LPN hours you have worked this year
  3. your debit/credit card or money order

Access to the annual registration renewal application closes at 4:30pm on December 31.

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CLPNBC's Jurisprudence Pilot Project is now closed mark your calendars for the next board meeting dates

CLPNBC’s five month Jurisprudence Pilot Project closed on September 30, 2015. Thank you to the 1703 LPNs who completed the pilot and congratulations to the prize winners!

CLPNBC Board meetings are open to registrants and the public but seating is limited.Interested in observing a board meeting? Please fill out the Request to Observe A Board Meeting form

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online services maintenance notice

Starting October 29, 2015 at noon, we are performing scheduled maintenance for online services (your registrant account access). Regular access will resume November 1.

You are an LPN who is involved in discharge planning for your client. He is a 51 year old lawyer who is being discharged after a heart attack. What is your first step when developing the discharge plan?


Please select an option:

  1. Speak with your client's family to determine supports that are already in place.
  2. Meet with the healthcare team to create the plan.
  3. Refer to the employer's discharge planning policy.
  4. Speak with your client to identify and prioritize his goals and needs.

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can LPNs give flu shots this fall? resource for self-employed LPNs

LPNs who have successfully completed BCCDC's Immunization Competency Course for LPNs can administer influenza and pneumococcal immunizations when there is an RN, NP or MD in the same facility.

The resource for self-employed LPNs has been updated with a reference to the practice standard Communicable Diseases: Preventing Nurse-to-Client Transmission.

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CLPNBC switches to computer-based testing

CLPNBC is very pleased to be collaborating with other provincial LPN regulatory colleagues and Assessment Strategies Inc. (ASI) to implement computer-based testing to deliver the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE®) starting in May 2016.

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