May 2015 Vol. 2 Issue #5
three reasons why you should participate in CLPNBC's Jurisprudence Pilot Project
  1. Be the first practising or non-practising LPN to complete Jurisprudence in 2015.
  2. Complete Jurisprudence and you are eligible for the monthly Prize Draw!
  3. Be excused from doing Jurisprudence in 2016.
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New regulation is posted! board elections

The Ministry has taken a key step in proposing changes to the nursing regulations. These changes will clarify the scope of practice of the four nursing disciplines:LPNs, NPs, RNs and RPNs.

Elections will be held in District 1, 2, 3 and 4 this year. The 2015 board nomination form is available our website. All nominations must be submitted by June 19th.

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You are an LPN working as a casual at a long-term care facility. Your employer calls you into work for a care aide shift. During breakfast, your resident suddenly stops breathing and begins to turn blue. What is your responsibility in this emergency?


Please select an option:

  1. Provide the best care you can, given the circumstances and your individual competence.
  2. Provide all the care that the resident requires.
  3. Providing emergency care is optional because you are working as a care aide.
  4. Ask the RN or LPN on duty to call 911 and wait for emergency services to arrive.

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ever wondered what CLPNBC really does as your regulator? BC nursing colleges explore working together

CLPNBC's 2014 Annual Report is now available on our website. We encourage you to review the report and learn about CLPNBC activities and highlights in 2014, as well as the audited financial statements. Pre-register now for the June 4, 2015 AGM.

On April 25, 2015, the Boards of the three nursing regulators (CLPNBC, CRNBC and CRPNBC) met to discuss our ongoing collaboration, and how to best consolidate our relationship for maximum benefits and impact.

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