January 2015 Vol. 2 Issue #1
exciting things to come in 2015
•   Awards of Excellence •   Consultations about the revised Regulation
•   Presentations from Nursing Practice Advisors about the Standards of Practice Framework •   Jurisprudence — an opportunity to participate in a pilot project
•   Board Elections Revised Regulation — after government approval

we're hiring! committee member wanted

Passionate about developing and revising registration policies and procedures? What about managing the implementation of bylaw and legislation changes? CLPNBC is in need of a Registration Consultant. The successful candidate will provide advice and counsel to internal staff and external stakeholders regarding registration processes.

Are you interested in promoting high practice standards for LPNs? Do you have knowledge of CLPNBC's Standards of Practice and the laws that govern LPN practice? If so, CLPNBC's QA Committee may have an opening for you! The committee is currently developing an innovative online Jurisprudence education module and exam.

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You are an LPN working in a long-term care facility. Each shift you administer medications to 28 residents. During the morning medication administration round you notice a new medication on a resident's MAR. You are unfamiliar with it. What is your best course of action?


Please select an option:

  1. Stop preparing the new medication and refuse to administer the new medication because you are not familiar with it. Leave the new medication for the next shift.
  2. Consult with the RN to clarify the new medication, then look up the medication in a facility-recognized drug guide following the completion of the morning medication administration round.
  3. Look up the new medication in a facility-recognized drug guide before administering it. If you still have concerns, discuss the medication with the RN or contact the dispensing pharmacist.
  4. Administer the new medication.  After administration, look up the new medication in a facility-recognized drug guide and call the pharmacist to discuss possible interactions with current medications.

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review CLPNBC's framework verify your registration status

Now that you have completed your registration renewal for 2015, here is a reminder of the requirements for your practice. Keep checking back as there will be changes throughout the year.

Employers are now checking if their LPNs are legally able to work in BC in 2015. To avoid complications, make sure to check the public registry for your registration status.

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