February 2015 Vol. 2 Issue #2
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annual registration fees are tax deductible! need your receipt?

You can print your 2013 and 2014 tax receipt from your CLPNBC registrant account.

Your tax receipt has all the information you need to file with your annual income tax claim. Tax receipts show the date payment was made, what the payment was for and the amount paid. Your tax receipt will include any tax deductible registration fee paid between January 1 and December 31 for that tax year.

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things self-employed LPNs ask themselves you want a sneak peek? we're looking for volunteers!

Running your own business can be very rewarding and liberating but you need to ensure that you're providing the best care possible while meeting CLPNBC's Standards of Practice. Are you self-employed or thinking about it?

Do you want to have a first look at Jurisprudence? CLPNBC continues to develop the Jurisprudence education and exam. If you are interested in participating in the second round of validation, email us at qualityassurance@clpnbc.org.

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You are an LPN working in a long-term care facility. You receive a call from an LPN colleague who just finished her shift. She tells you that she forgot to document an assessment and care provided for a resident. She asks you to do it for her. What are your responsibilities in this situation?

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Please select an option:

  1. Respectfully refuse to document the care that she has provided. Leave a blank space in the resident’s chart so that she can document when she returns.
  2. To ensure continuity of care, take notes about the care she provided. Then document the care provided in the resident’s chart.
  3. The resident’s condition hasn’t changed, so there is no need for either you or her to document the assessment or the care she provided.
  4. Respectfully refuse to document the care that she has provided. Ask her to make a late entry when she returns.

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got what it takes to join CLPNBC? we're looking for a registration advisor!

The Registration Advisor determines whether applicants are eligible for registration with CLPNBC. The Registration Advisor is responsible for issuing registration on behalf of the Registration Committee and Registrar. This is a full-time, in-office position.

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