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December 2015 Vol. 2 Issue #12
22% have renewed and are ready to work in 2016. Are you ready?

Time is running out. Get this item off your to-do list now!

Practising and non-practising renewal applications close at 4:30 p.m. on December 31. Renew your registration before this deadline to avoid delays, additional fees for reinstatement and practising without current registration. When the deadline has passed, all incomplete applications are cancelled. Remember, at midnight. on January 1, your 2015 registration will expire.

CLPNBC’s Public Registry shows both your current and future registration status. After you submit the form and pay your renewal fee, both you and your employer can check the online registry to confirm when you are eligible to work in 2016.

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looking for a career change? we're hiring! revised program recognition policy

CLPNBC offers a competitive salary and benefit package. We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Inquiry & Discipline Assistant
  • Registration Assistant
  • Nursing Practice Consultant

Based on feedback from practical nursing education programs, the Standards of Education Committee, site visitors and staff, the Board approved changes to the Practical Nursing Education Program Review Policy. The revised policy is effective January 2, 2016.

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It is January 1 and the deadline to renew your LPN registration has passed. You are in the middle of your shift when your manager informs you that you are no longer on CLPNBC’s public registry. What is your professional responsibility?


Please select an option:

  1. Transfer the care of your residents then leave the floor until your application for reinstatement has been processed.
  2. Finish your shift, then contact CLPNBC to reinstate your practising registration.
  3. Tell your manager that you will reinstate your practising registration on your next break.
  4. Reinstate your LPN registration as non-practising until you can afford a practising registration.

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volunteer opportunity

CLPNBC is looking for feedback on a revised practice standard. If you would like an opportunity to review the draft standard and complete a quick survey, please click on the link: Conflict of Interest. The more feedback you give us, the clearer the requirements for your practice will be.

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Jurisprudence Pilot Project - what did we learn?

We have completed the analysis of the Jurisprudence pilot project. LPNs told us:

  • The Jurisprudence platform is easy to access and navigate.
  • Jurisprudence is relevant to LPN practice in BC.
  • There is great personal and professional benefit to participating in Jurisprudence.
  • CLPNBC’s regular communications about Jurisprudence should continue.
  • Jurisprudence should be a mandatory requirement for all LPNs on a regular basis.
  • The questions are sometimes tricky, and some answers are too close/confusing.

A psychometric analysis of the 214 questions in the databank showed that while most of the questions worked well, some did not. Staff are currently reviewing and revising those questions and they will be tested again when Jurisprudence becomes a requirement in 2016. Stay tuned for more information about Jurisprudence in the next edition of LPN Connect.



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