Annual General Meeting

Mark your calendars! If you're interested in what your College has been doing for the past year, then come join us on June 11, 2014 at the Executive Inn Burnaby Hotel. The AGM is open to registrants and the public at no charge. Registration before June 2, 2014 is required to ensure sufficient seating is available.

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Call for Resolutions Educators Wanted!

Do you have questions or ideas concerning the College that you want the Board of Directors to look at? Submit a resolution by 4:00pm on April 11 for registrants to vote on at the AGM! The Board reviews adopted resolutions at board meetings.

Are you an LPN, RPN or an RN with teaching experience and an interest in practical nursing education? Do you have knowledge of CLPNBC’s Standards of Practice and the ability to apply policies? If so, short-term, part-time contract opportunities are available.

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Easier Ways To Pay Did You Know?

Many people grew up thinking that paying by cash was the best way to spend because it is accepted everywhere. Read on to find out about payment changes coming to CLPNBC.

Jatinder is an LPN who looks after Mr. Wee, a 76 year old resident with Alzheimer's disease. He's been falling from his wheelchair whenever he attempts to get up on his own. What should Jatinder do?

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Announcements & Acknowledgements

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