December 2014 Issue #17
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timing is everything

When you renew your 2015 registration, we will ask you for your 2014 practice hours. If you aren't sure what counts as a practice hour, check our frequently asked questions (FAQs), email a Nursing Practice Advisor or call 778.373.3101 for help.

Renewal closes on December 31. There are only 29 days left! If you don't renew before December 31, you will need to apply for reinstatement which takes longer and costs you $135 more.

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bylaw changes tax receipts now available

Bylaws about CLPNBC registration changed. How does this affect you?

You can now access your tax receipts when you log into your CLPNBC account.

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What should you do if you are assigned to care for someone you know personally? Nurse with J. Tyler Raphael Sheets 5164388550 by Christiana Care cropped (2).jpg

Please select an option:

  1. Discuss boundaries with your supervisor and consider alternatives such as asking another nurse to take over care.
  2. Discuss concerns with you supervisor and continue to provide care until the client decides if he/she would like another nurse.
  3. Switch assignments with a colleague and avoid the situation all together.
  4. Accept the client assignment, discuss it with your supervisor and provide care both as a nurse and a friend.

pre-authorized payments holiday hours

Would you like to pay your registration fees monthly? You now have the option! Make your payments in 2015 to cover your fees for 2016.

CLPNBC wishes you a happy holiday season. May you enjoy a festive time with your friends and family filled with love and laughter.

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