what are LPNs saying about Jurisprudence?


CLPNBC launched the Jurisprudence Pilot Project on May 4, 2015. As of July 1, 623 LPNs have completed the Pilot. LPNs have responded enthusiastically to their experiences.


What did you like MOST?

“Reminded me of my responsibilities, and refreshed my practice standard…knowledge.”

“The questions were thought provoking and the link to the information was provided.”

“…it covered all areas of nursing placements…long term care, community care…”

“Great way to get us to look at all the stuff we should be looking at more often.”

“Having an open book exam with relevant links supplied for each question took the stress off and allowed for adequate review.  I also liked that the exam could be done at your own pace.”

“It was a good test of my knowledge.” 

I was able “to look up answers that I did not know.”

“Creates a new awareness of laws, scope of practice, professional responsibility.”

“Real life questions.”

“I enjoyed the interactive learning. Having an exam really holds me accountable for quality improvement.”

“This activity is a very good way to review the CLPNBC…standards of practice.”

What did you like LEAST?

“Many questions were too close to be right or wrong.  Questions should be clearer.”

“Tricky questions…” 

“Feeling that I might be incompetent. Scared to fail.”

“…questions seemed like they would have more than one answer. A bit confusing.”

How can we improve?

“Reduce amount of questions to 40 or 50 instead of 70.”

“Encourage LPNs to participate.  I find too many of us really don't know our scope.”

“Provide info on a regular basis via email. Quizzes like this make one aware of what they know and what they don't know.”

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