Substance Use Disorder in Nursing


QUIZ: Which of the following signs might indicate a co-worker is struggling with a substance use disorder?

  1. Increasing isolation from colleagues 
  2. Frequent unexplained disappearances from the unit 
  3. Frequent reports of ineffective pain relief from assigned patients 
  4. Excessive use of sick time 
Answer: All of the above answers might indicate that a co-worker is struggling with a substance use disorder. 

Did you know that stressors such as family conflict, holiday parties and increased working hours to cover holiday absences can result in a higher increase in relapse for nurses in recovery from Substance Use Disorders? 

How can I keep myself, my colleagues and my employees safe during the holiday season?

As an LPN, you are responsible for maintaining your own fitness to practise nursing. If you are unable to maintain your physical, psychological or emotional fitness to practise, contact the CLPNBC Fitness to Practice Advisor to discuss your fitness to practice. By referring yourself into the CLPNBC Early Intervention Program, advising an LPN colleague to refer themselves into the program, or by reporting an LPN colleague under your duty to report, you are meeting your legal and ethical duties and are also doing your part to keep your clients and your colleagues safe.

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