What LPNs need to know about immunizing during the meningococcal outbreak


At the request of the Interior Health Authority in response to the current meningococcal outbreak, the CLPNBC Board has temporarily modified the CLPNBC Scope of Practice Standards Limits and Conditions on LPNs administering immunizations.


LPNs who have not completed the BC Centre for Disease Control's (BCCDC’s) Online Immunization Competency Course may compound and administer the meningococcal vaccine under the following circumstances:


1) receive education specific to meningococcal immunization,

2) work in mass immunizations clinics as part of a team nursing approach with a minimum of one Public Health Nurse present in the clinic 


3) administer under the direction of a population-based order from the Medical Health Officer.

Please see the CLPNBC Scope of Practice Log and the CLPNBC Scope of Practice Standards, Limits and Conditions (page 14) for details. 

Questions? Contact a CLPNBC Nursing Practice Advisor at practice@clpnbc.org or 1.877.373.2201 extension 4801.

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