CLPNBC joins BC’s health professions in pledge to First Nations


On March 1, 2017, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia was one of 23 BC health professions to pledge their commitment to making our health system more culturally safe for First Nations and Aboriginal people.


Systemic racism and discrimination towards First Nations and Aboriginal people continues to be a major problem in many contemporary health care settings, often resulting in inappropriate treatment and barriers to accessing health care. 

Increasing the level of cultural safety in the health care system through approaches such as cultural safety, cultural humility, health literacy and relationship-based care will assist in improving the quality of health services for First Nations and Aboriginal people.

“With [this] commitment, the members of every regulated health profession in B.C. have permission to address prejudice and other problematic behaviours without fear of reprisal. This Declaration will ultimately make the health system safer not only for First Nations and Aboriginal people but for all British Columbians.”

- Joe Gallagher, CEO First Nations Health Authority

This declaration was originally introduced in July 2015 and signed by the Ministry of Health as well as the CEOs of each of BC’s Health Authorities. 

By joining in this commitment, BC health regulators are creating an expectation of change among all health professionals so that all indigenous and aboriginal peoples will experience the culturally safe and effective care they deserve. 

Cultural safety and humility are vital for the provision of fair and equal health services, as well as the creation of a healthcare environment free of racism and discrimination, where individuals feel safe and respected.

“We’ve worked hard with our partners to make sure that our health-care system is inclusive and supports all patients. This commitment by health-care regulators will raise awareness of the importance of culturally respectful care, and in doing so, help improve the quality of care for First Nations and Aboriginal people in B.C.”

 - Health Minister Terry Lake

How can LPNs make the health system more culturally safe?

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