Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

CLPNBC maintains a strict records-access policy to maintain the security and confidentiality of all information.

The staff assures registrants, stakeholders, and the public that their information is handled in a secure and confidential manner. The records-management policies comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the “Act”) , as well as with generally accepted record-retention, -access, and -destruction principles. In each department, only authorized individuals have access to the files of CLPNBC, on a need-to-know basis.

The philosophy governing access to registrant records is that CLPNBC will release all records except when the provisions of the Act protect the record, or any part of the record. All records related to schools, staff, or registrants are considered personal records. As a result, they are protected through security and confidentiality mechanisms, as well as adherence to the provisions of the Act.