Submitting a resolution

If you are an LPN in good standing with CLPNBC and would like the Board to consider your resolution, follow these steps to make a submission:

  1. Complete the Resolution form. The form must also include the full name, CLPNBC registration number and original signature of ten (10) supporting LPNs who are in good standing.

    TIP: Use the Public Registry to confirm your CLPNBC registration number. Forms with missing or inaccurate information will be returned and require re-submission.
  2. Submit your resolution 60 days before the AGM. Email the Resolution your resolution to

    TIP: Remember to attach both the signature page and a Word version of your resolution.

When planning to submit a resolution, CLPNBC recommends that you review the Resolution Guidelines. Submissions meeting all requirements will be posted on our website at least 30 days before the AGM.   

We would be happy to answer any questions you have as you prepare to submit your resolution. Contact Julie for enquiries.