Resolutions are advisory only and must relate to both the Duty and Objects of a College and CLPNBC’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Registrants attending an Annual General Meeting (AGM) vote on whether to adopt a resolution. The Board reviews adopted resolutions at a future board meeting and determines what action to take. The Board’s decision is included in the meeting minutes.

Eligible registrants unable to attend the AGM may assign their proxy (vote) to another eligible registrant who is attending.

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“in good standing” means, in respect of a registrant, that:

  1. Registration is not suspended and that limitations or conditions have not been imposed on registrant’s practice.
  2. Any fees or fines are paid in full.


Email Julie Nielsen, Governance & Registration Consultant or call 778.373.3101 (ext. 4302);
toll-free 1.877.373.2201 (ext. 4302)