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Information for LPNs about edaravone

CLPNBC has received enquiries about whether LPNs are permitted to administer a drug called edaravone, which is used to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Edaravone has not been approved by Health Canada, but individuals may import it from other countries for personal use. At this time, CLPNBC does not support  Read More >

Posted: January 05, 2018

New Resource: Dispensing Medications Decision Tree

CLPNBC has collaborated with College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia and College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of British Columbia on a new resource to support LPNs, RNs and RPNs making decisions about dispensing medications. 

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Posted: January 05, 2018


Congratulations to the more than 3,900 LPNs who completed Jurisprudence in 2017! Eighty-two percent were successful on their first exam and ninety-four percent of LPNs who completed a second exam were successful. 

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Posted: January 05, 2018

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